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At BRICK, we don’t do one-size-fits-all fitness. Why would we? Everyone comes to us with different needs, goals and objectives. And, we’re 100% dedicated to helping you achieve the results you want.

BRICK‘s skilled coaches have developed a new approach to fitness, building an athletic program that’s comprehensive, inclusive and always challenging. Inside these walls, your safety is always our foremost priority.

Our selection of programs includes CrossFit: The Academy, our educational on-ramping series; B|X, our high-intensity circuit-style workout B|Fit our strength and conditioning program; Yoga and the BRICK Barbell Club. Regardless of the class or classes you take, you’ll be excited, engaged and always having fun.

At BRICK, we’re about more than just fitness. We’re a family – a family supported by a team of coaches and staff, each dedicated to offering guidance and support to you, every day. Since we believe you deserve the best when you’re giving your best, all our amenities are top of the line.

Here, inside the BRICK walls, things are different. Cheers are louder, smiles are bigger and expectations are higher. That’s why you’ll be able to do a little more, move a little faster and stick with it a little longer.

Thank you for your support BRICK Boston.

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AidClimb 2017 is Huge Success

Fifth Annual AidClimb

On June 3, 2017 we held the fifth annual AidClimb. This year we tried something new! We partnered with Boston Wounded Vet Run to raise money for wounded veterans in New England. We also planned a motorcycle ride from Portsmouth, NH to the summit of Mount Washington for those who ride but wished not to hike.

Unfortunately, the weather was horrible! We cancelled the ride due to rain/sleet/snow with below freezing temperatures on the summit of Washington. Due to the weather, we opted for the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail. This trail is slightly shorter than the typical Lions Head trail and is more aesthetically pleasing. Most of all it allowed for warm shelter and soup at Lakes of The Clouds Hut – which the majority of participants enjoyed!

We decided to split the group and give the summit of Washington an attempt while the other half made it to the summit of Mount Monroe! All in all, we couldn’t have been more pleased as everyone made it to the summit!

Students Raise Big Money For Wounded Veterans

One of the most exciting developments of this years climb was the outstanding effort by the students at Valley Collaborative Alternative School! As a senior thesis they embraced the mission of AidClimb and raised almost $6,000. They pushed through the night on June 2 to summit Mount Washington for sunrise. A fitting end to a committed effort!

Congrats to all the participants on their summit! In total we raised over $14,000 for the wounded veterans of New England. The money was donated to the Boston Wounded Vet Run to distribute to this years honorees.

Boston Wounded Vet Ride & AidClimb 2017 Honorees

Army Cpl. Paul Skarinka
Wounded in Iraq
Army Cpl. Paul Skarinka. Paul suffered a severed artery and serious damage to his left arm and leg. The injury was sustained by a rocket-propelled grenade explosion while serving in Iraq. Paul underwent 22 surgeries, but unfortunatley his leg had to be amputated. He is now living with his wife and two children in the in the Southshore of Mass. Paul volunteers when capable as a firefighter in the Town of Plympton. He inspires to continue to be a paramedic, helping others.

Marine Sgt Joshua Bouchard
Wounded in Afghanistan
Marine Sgt Joshua Bouchard served as an infantryman in Afghanistan in 2009. While deployed, Josh lost his left leg and suffered a spinal injury when his Humvee was destroyed by an IED. The explosion killed two fellow Marines and wounded a third. He currently lives in Granby, Massachusetts and utilizes a wheel chair from an injury that has left him paralyzed. This May, we ride for Josh.

Specialist Brandon Boyd
Wounded in Iraq
Specialist Brandon Boyd served in the U.S. Army as an infantryman during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Due to injuries he sustain in combat, Brandon must also rely on a wheel chair because of a spinal injury. Brandon currently resides in New Hampshire and hopes to ride again himself one day. We look forward to honoring him this May with thousands of people who enjoy his same hobby.

Spc Kenny Butler
Wounded in Iraq
Spc Kenny Butler was a member of the 82nd Airborne Division who served in combat during with a tour in Iraq. During his tour, he was severely injured resulting in the loss of his right arm due to an explosion. Kenny currently resides in Weymouth, MA with his wife and son.

SSG Brie Sullivan
Wounded in Afghanistan
SSG Brie Sullivan was a member of the Massachusetts National Guard. During a combat deployment to Afghanistan, she was gravely wounded when a rocket propelled grenade struck her convoy. The explosion shattered parts of her face costing her the loss of an eye ball and a traumatic brain injury. She has made a steady recovery and we are ready to welcome her as our second woman veteran.

Join AidClimb 2018

Next years event will be held on September 15, 2018. We have introduced individual AND team fundraising options and $200pp fundraising goals. If you would like to invite sponsors to support the cause you can share this page. To get started register to hike here.

We can’t wait to eclipse this years fundraising total in 2018! We have our sights set on $20,000 or more!