Engaging Students
…to Support Wounded Veterans and their families. In history class we learn about conflict; starting with the American Revolution to the World Wars through today’s global issues with terrorism. We discuss the causes in great detail but often fail to address the effects. There are hundreds of thousands of American soldiers who have died or are wounded in the name of service. Their dedication to freedom is unparelleled. But, the wounds of war are real and expensive. Our soldiers experience physical and mental ramifications for putting their bodies and lives on the line to protect the American liberties that we enjoy daily. It is time to step up. welcome home our wounded veterans, and honor their sacrifices. This is the Honor Role Project.
Finding direction in a time of discovery. High school is a time of self-discovery and exploration. Beyond curriculum we learn much about ourselves, others, the world and more in the four precious years of high school. We explore. We try new things. We make mistakes. We learn. The Honor Role Project is an opportunity for teenagers to make a positive contribution to the lives of our wounded veterans. It is also an opportunity to learn about philanthropy, doing the right things for no other reason, to find confidence through success and to collaborate toward a common goal. We provide the structure, the students craft the process.
The mission is to hike Mount Monadnock (or another mountain of your choice) in New England with the guides at Northeast Mountaineering [nemguides.com]. Beforehand, students solicit support through active fundraising efforts.
In many ways, this is a legacy project. As one class graduates the next builds off the momentum. One small step today leads to an unbelievable journey unfolding.

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We support teamwork with win-win-win solutions. For this reason, we encourage the students to donate a portion of the funds raised back to their schools and programs to help fund future efforts. The balance goes directly to wounded veterans and their families through AidClimb and the Boston Wounded Vet Run.